Customised Coasters

Reusable vs. Disposable Coasters

Reusable customised cork drink coasters or flexi drink coasters may be set to overtake disposable cardboard drink coasters for several important reasons, including potential cost savings and environmental protection, which we elaborate further on in the above video.

We quote just one case, referring to a mid-sized club to demonstrate the potential cost-saving.

Cost wise:

For a club that goes through 5,000 customised, disposable cardboard coasters a week, that’s 250,000 coasters per year with a likely cost of about $12,000.

As our cork coasters or flexi coasters are reusable, the same club might need only 5,000 of these coasters to be ordered for only about $4,400.

This would amount to a saving on the purchase cost of about $7,500 in that first year.

We are not saying that these figures would necessarily apply to your club, but they give you an idea of the potential to save.


Our reusable cork coasters or flexi coasters have a potential lifespan of between 3 to 5 years with careful use, so do the sums!

Environmental Impact:

Using disposable cardboard coasters at the rate of 250,000 per annum means millions of used cardboard coasters will be discarded for even just one club over the years. When multiplied by thousands of such clubs throughout Australia, this contributes a substantial amount of unnecessary waste.

By switching to our reusable drink coasters, these untold tons of used disposable cardboard coasters would no longer have to be transported and dumped in landfills.

Of course, some of these disposable cardboard drink coasters may be suitable for recycling, but then again, this depends on what type of de-inking process the local recycler uses, exacerbated by the fact that food-contaminated coasters are simply unacceptable for recycling.


Also, switching to our customised cork or flexi coasters will result in much-reduced stockholding requirements. Your club will no longer have to set aside precious storage space to keep large quantities of disposable cardboard drink coasters in stock.

This has obvious benefits in putting that space to more effective use.

Taking a closer look:

Firstly, the reusable customised coasters that we refer to as ‘flexi’ because, as you can see, they are flexible and are available in square or round; they are anti-slip, waterproof, printed edge-to-edge and, with careful use, can have a lifespan of 3-5 yrs.


Our next type is our customised reusable Cork Coasters, which are made from organic material that is eco-friendly, biodegradable and long-lasting. The first of these cork coasters features a logo print with the cork background remaining visible, whilst the other displays a complete edge-to-edge print, available in both square and round shapes.


Further benefits:

  • Free door-to-door delivery from our factory in Shanghai to your destination in Australia.
  • Very fast turnaround times, including production, are:
    •  by air (14-21 working days) 
    •  by sea (30-36 working days) 
  • An in-house graphics designer who can do the artwork for you, enter it into our template and return it to you at no additional cost. 
  • New and fast modern machines have just been installed that have brought the prices down substantially as well as improved the production timeframes

  • Our Australian company, with a head office in Sydney, employs highly experienced sales and marketing coordinators who can immediately attend to your enquiries.

  • Please visit our website for more details; we also specialise in Australian-made customized takeaway cardboard cups and napkins.
  • We provide our registered trademarks for your use and with our written permission.

We look forward to any enquiries you may have, such as requests for prices, samples, and general information!