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Our cardboard drink coasters are a highly cost-effective and simple visual tool to help familiarise potential customers with your brand.

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Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?



95mm by 95mm and 95mm round. Alternative sizes available upon request.

Production time (excluding delivery)?

10 Working Days

Promotional and branded coasters take advantage of the principles of hand-eye coordination as people must look down before picking up or putting down their beverage. This provides multiple opportunities for consumers to see your message or brand.

Coasters are effective at relaying information to consumers who are at leisure, work or just passing by. On average, your message will be directly seen by your target audience for 45 minutes. The relaxing environment of a bar, café or restaurant means that your target audience is more likely to be receptive to your message.

With a variety of different shapes and sizes available, you’re free to be creative with your branding. Choose from either our standardised square or round coaster or if that doesn’t suit your needs, request a customised shaped coaster.

Our promotional and branded coasters are environmentally friendly as they are made from biodegradable cardboard. Unlike many others who only use a 360gsm cardboard, we use a highly absorbent 390gsm board, so you know that the quality is the best! Our CCI (computerised colour control) technology removes the element of human error when it comes to colour matching, which means that our print colours are of a consistent quality and the print is extremely sharp. All our coasters are certified as compliant with Federal German and EU Food and Safety requirements for paper and cardboard with food applications.

Who are they suited for?

Promotional and branded coasters are ideal for the time-poor customer. They can be used in the hospitality industry to advertise relevant services. For example, using a coaster to promote a local taxi service that could pick up patrons at the end of the evening.

Where are they placed?

Promotional and printed drink coasters are a must for any party, event, promotion or fundraiser. They can be placed in various locations, such as; hotels, clubs, pubs, community organisations and/or specialised events. The potential audience is large, meaning the possibilities really are endless!

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