From the morning caffeine hit to an afternoon pick-up, many of us enjoy drinking and indulging in coffees, teas and hot chocolates. With that being said, we offer an extensive range of custom printed coffee takeaway cups that include our single wall cups, produced in the standard Australian and New Zealand sizes which are 8oz, 12oz, 16oz.


Our single wall branded takeaway coffee cups are 100% virgin pulp combined with a food grade cardboard. We focus on various avenues that aim to minimise the harm we inflict upon the environment. We also divert our attention to ensure that your takeaway coffee cups exceed your customers’ expectations in relation to the taste and experience that they have grown fond of. Over the years we have recognised the growing need for businesses to print their logo or customise takeaway coffee cups as an effective and affordable avenue to promote their brand.  Our single wall cups are recyclable and help minimise your carbon footprint, due to the consumption of less energy and cardboard required when manufacturing branded single wall cups.

The added benefit of incorporating branded takeaway coffee cups as part of your marketing strategy enables you to transform coffee cups into premium moving billboards for your business building upon the integrity of the working space, whether that be cafés, conferences, corporate events, restaurants or coffee roasters/brewers. Promotional coffee cups are a fantastic marketing tool for the reason that they are used and carried by everyone and not restricted to a certain demographic such as age, gender etc. Additionally, we use our digital printing machinery to upgrade the quality and experience surrounding our branded takeaway cups proving more value and integrity to your company, and simultaneously enriching your personalised marketing strategies to impress and attract the attention of by-passers and existing customers. We also take the liberty of supporting the jobs and lives of the local Australian community all while helping your company continue to thrive and grow through the creation/provision of customised, branded and specialised takeaway coffee cups.

1,000 per size and per design

8oz, 12oz and 16oz

Local: 10-15 working days

Overseas: 6 or more weeks
Highly cost effective for large production runs

Rush services available upon request.

We offer the services of our in-house graphic designer who is able to correctly warp your logo or artwork in our cup template for no additional cost to you. If you wish to utilise this service, our graphic designer usually requires an Ai / EPS file in order to formalise and complete the scanned artwork proof.

Promotional and branded single wall paper cups are a subtle way for your coffee brand or café to stand out and be a constant reminder to the public.

We can also offer dual branding which means you can include your own café’s logo as well as the coffee roasting brand you are using (e.g. Vittoria Coffee).

Our single wall cups come in a matte finish and are proudly certified recyclable where all materials are sourced in environmentally friendly ways.

Lids are available in either black or white. A universal lid – one size fits all (8oz, 12oz and 16oz) is also available from our overseas factory upon request.

Single wall coffee cups are ideal for cafés and restaurants that have high-turnovers as the more customers holding your cup, the more exposure it will create for your café or restaurant. Also ideal for cold drinks where superior insulation is not required.

Promotional and branded single wall coffee cups can be used for large events and expos or placed in any café or restaurant in various locations such as CBD, suburban or rural areas.

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