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Cutlery pouch napkins are the modern, convenient and hygienic way to package cutlery for customers and are also a unique way to promote your business! Cutlery such as forks, knives, spoons and chopsticks can be placed into the folded cutlery pouch napkin thereby not making any contact with the tabletop.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?


Production lead time (excludes delivery time)?

Local: 6 or more weeks

These promotional and branded cutlery pouch napkins can be customised with your customer’s logo and any other written message that may be desired to be printed on the paper napkin.

These napkins are only available in the quilted variety.

Maximum of four colour print.

Who are they suited for?

Our cutlery pouch napkins can be used by restaurants or cafés to promote multiple locations, to advertise new menu items, or even as a unique “thank you for attending” at business meetings or luncheons.

Where can they be placed?

These napkins can be placed in large eateries, cafés or restaurants. They are already heavily utilised in many businesses in the hospitality industry such as food catering companies, stadiums, concerts and event halls, which means distribution for your message is far-reaching.

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Cutlery Pouch Napkins Specs
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