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Promotional and branded napkins offer a fast and effective way to advertise your company’s logo. They provide a blank canvas for any type of design, image or message to help promote your brand and advise potential consumers of your company’s services.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) & Sizes?

Sydney printed napkins

2ply: Quilted:
Cocktail: 20,000 Cocktail: 20,000
Luncheon: 20,000 Luncheon: 10,000
Dinner: 10,000 Dinner: 10,000

Napkins can be useful for casual, formal, modern or traditional dining and drinking occasions and are available in a variety of colours.

All our napkins are HACCP accredited and made from sustainably sourced and food safe materials and inks.

We use a flexographic printing process, meaning the print always looks vibrant and fresh.

Our two most popular types of surface printed napkins are our 2ply napkins which have an embossed edge, offering strength with good absorption and our quilted napkins which provide a sophisticated look, are of a velvet feel and have a high absorption capability, delivering outstanding quality for excellent value.

We also offer 1ply and 3ply napkins upon request.

Maximum of four colour print, however dependant on type.

Who are they suited for?

These printed napkins can be used in eateries, cafés or restaurants and are highly effective when used in conjunction with branded coffee cups when your customers purchase coffee or promotional coasters when your customers are purchasing alcoholic beverages.

Where are they placed?

Bars, restaurants, clubs, cafes, events, in-store – depending on your promotional needs our napkins can be placed anywhere and everywhere!

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Surface Printed Napkins Specs
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