Double Wall, Double Insulated

Lids: Available in standard (PE) or compostable
(PLA or Pulp)

Our biodegradable and compostable* printed cups are the ideal choice for the eco conscious brand and consumer. These cups are produced with eco-friendly materials sourced from plants and not oils.

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Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?



8oz, 12oz and 16oz

Production lead time (excludes delivery time)?

Local (double wall only):
Digital Printing (500 – 25,000): 5-10 working days
Offset Printing (25,000+): 10-15 working days

Artwork Requirements?

Please ensure that the design is finalised prior to submitting your artwork to us. This means all the bits and bobs in your concept such as any texts, logos, etc have all been confirmed. We have an in house graphic designer who will happily insert it into our template, however any changes to the design after this has been done may incur extra charges.

What are some features of Biodegradable and Compostable Cups?

By using biodegradable and compostable* cups not only is your brand projecting a brand image that supports environmental sustainability, it is also contributing to fewer emissions of greenhouse gases due to the bio-plastic lining (PLA) used in the manufacturing process.

To find out more about biodegradability and compostability, check out our Environmental Sustainability page on our website.

Also available in single wall. Please enquire.


Pulp lids: Our eco-friendly alternative to plastic. Made from non-toxic food-grade wood pulp, our lids are ideal for those wanting to use less plastic. The undercut lid design feature provides a tight fit to the rim of the cup, which minimises spills, whilst the rigid construction of the pressed wood pulp creates a premium look and feel.

PLA lids: These lids are made from non-toxic sustainably managed plant resources and are of a similar feel to the current PE lids on the market. The tight fit lid design feature will also limit spills and ensure beverages are kept at serving temperature.

Who are they suited for?

The environmentally aware business or consumer. These cups contribute to a sustainable future.

Where can they be placed?

Anywhere and everywhere a promotional and branded cup can.

*Disclaimer in a controlled environment*

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