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Why Cups?

  • Cup Advertising is an intimate, non-intrusive and thoroughly personal experience.Launching an Event
  • It cannot be turned off, modified or deselected in preference for a different message.
  • It cannot be thrown away unopened , without being used and doesn’t require a password, ‘opt in’ or additional payments or subscriptions.
  • Cups are positioned in high turnover cafes so your message is guaranteed to be seen repeatedly & absorbed.
  • Cup advertising can build brand awareness and generate response.
  • High impact, strategic positioning, market penetration and unprecedented way of reaching a highly mobile consumer audience.
  • Cups are often seen at Train Stations, Airports, Bus Shelters & Taxi Stands etc.
  • Branded Cups are also great for Product Launches, Special Events or Promotions.
  • Your message is highly visible right where people work, relax or play.
  • Cup Advertising can shape & influence final purchase behaviour.
  • Coffee drinkers are Loyal Brand Ambassadors.
  • Cup advertising drives sales.
  • Drinking coffee is very social and encourages conversation & engagement.
  • Branded Cups make a statement.
  • Cup Campaigns are highly targeted.
  • Business is very often conducted over a coffee.
  • Simple, Addictive & Effective.
  • Your message is held safely in the hands of your targeted audience
  • Your message is seen at least 3-4+ times per person over a campaign.

“There has never been a better office communication system than the coffee break.”